New spawn protection

We have present you a new spawn protection system!
Now a player who is stunned within 3 seconds of respawning will not recovering but will be stunned.
A player who throw a grenade or kill an opposing player (within 3 seconds of respawning enemy team) will receive a warning, as will informed all admins on the server.
Violation of the rule of three seconds after respawn will be punishing. A player who breaks the rule 3 times will be automatically kicked from the server.
Added by greeb

Custom Maps

We are pleased to inform you that we are lauching Custom Maps.
I strongly recommend to install ACM Menu v2, which allows your game to download this maps automatically.
Just download it and put files from folder "ACMSwat4X" in ContentExpansion\System. Very easy :D Or you can just open console and write there: set IpDrv.TcpNetDriver AllowDownloads True
Later we will add maps name for vote.
You also can download ACM Menu v2 from our site:
Added by gavr

New website feature.

We are glad to introduce to you a new feature on our website, from now on you are able to see swat and suspect 3D models in your personal player stats page. Check "last equipment " box here.
Added by gavr

Epic Launcher

We are glad to present you our Epic Launcher! With its help, using SWAT will become much more comfortable for you. No need to search for each item separately, everything is in one place! For more info visit Launcher page.
Added by gavr
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